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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

From the minds (and kitchens) of the Oreo bakers

My marketing background tells me this idea came from a Marketing Department brainstorming session. Those guys spend days sitting around thinking of things we, the gullible consumers, have been getting along just fine without; could continue to live mostly happy lives without; probably never, ever had the tiniest of desires for and have just enough disposable income to dispose of on one of their wild and crazy ideas/products.

I'm pretty sure the Nabisco Board of Directors has been doing back flips over the latest offering from their bakers (cue the trumpets).....   Candy Corn Oreos

YES! They done did it! They went and combined candy corn with (vanilla) Oreos! I'm simply all agog. My taste buds are tingling. My saliva glands are salivating. I'm heading to the Cookie Aisle first thing tomorrow huntin' me down some'a these babies!

For those few of you who are followers/believers in, of Mrs. Obama's War on Good Stuff, you can read the bad news if you click the link. Me, I chose to ignore it.