Monday, October 15, 2012

A cup of joe

I love coffee. Been drinking it way more than I can remember. I've run so much of the stuff through me I'm immune to the "can't sleep after drinking it," problem. I've been reading in bed, drinking coffee and after closing my book I've finished my coffee, turned out the light and gone immediately into a deep sleep. More than a few times, on a long drive, I've needed the "stay awake" effect of caffeine. Just won't happen.

On active duty I put a 32 cup West Bend in my work area. I only drank about 10 cups, but I found the thing empty at the end of every work day. Word got around about my coffee "pot."

Some legs of my Guard unit's overseas flights would be about 10 hours. At each stop it was part of my job to get 2 gallon stainless jugs of coffee. The flights would have a crew of 6 to 8. I always got an extra jug. Haggling was usually involved, but I made sure we got 3 of those babies.

What I'm finally getting around to is...  G.I.'s like coffee! Lots and lots of coffee.

There's a website where you can help make sure some guy or gal in uniform gets a cup. Or two. The program is called, "Cup of Joe for a Joe."

Happy G.I.s - the best kind of G.I.
You can buy a card good for coffee at military facilities around the world. I've bought cards. I've gotten e-mails from troops that received them. It's a nice feeling. I like the program. I recommend it.


  1. I love the Cup of Joe program!

    So many amazing people met (via email) from this program. Tick the box for Penfriends - you will never regret it :D



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