Saturday, October 20, 2012

Manure slingin', Eco-freaks and soy beans

"A Field of Beans" & somebody's Dreams

During a meeting of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), members of the "Citizens for Community Improvement" decided things were not going as they "should," (re: not to their liking).

The DNR was holding an open meeting regarding " application of liquid manure on Iowa farmland rather than banning the practice next May, as the activists had hoped."

Outbursts of “you guys are cowards,” “tin soldiers,” and “corporate shills” were shouted
by nearly 30 Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement members who appealed for the
commission to prevent large-scale commercial livestock operations from applying liquid
swine manure on land where the current crop has been harvested and will be planted to
soybeans during the next crop season.

“This is one of the most dead-headed things that corporate farmers can do,” said CCI
member Cherie Mortice. “This is a disgrace. I’m really disappointed that we can’t
move the ball in the right direction.”

"Moving the ball in the right direction" seems to mean doing things the CCI-preferred way.
Police were called and the meeting broke up with no decision made to change the limitations, but that still didn't satisfy the CCI folks. I'm sure another hearing or two will be scheduled later, so for now, the manure's not gonna get slung. I'm guessing the CCI folks still have twisted panties and knotted knickers.

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