Friday, October 19, 2012

Those friendly insurance salesfolks (otherwise known as AARP - Defender of us old folks) have just grasped a big old hunk of The Obvious

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"The nation’s largest seniors lobby on Thursday urged Congress and the White House
not to extend a temporary payroll tax holiday beyond January."

A lot of folks don't realize that AARP sells insurance. They sell a lot of insurance. Under Obamacare they stand to gain about a $billion ($1,000,000,000) in additional profits. (That's profits. As in the Bottom Line. Not gross sales. And you wondered why they supported the plan?)

They claim to represent the interests of about 37 million seniors and are only interest in their well-being. (sure) Oh, and they happen to be mostly tax-exempt!

I rarely support or agree with AARP. However, in this instance, I think they're right.

Yesterday's announcement, I'm guessing, wasn't well-received well at White House Election Central. That payroll tax holiday is the thing The Prez is referring to when he brags about cutting taxes for everyone. But, that tax cut is, as AARP correctly points out, going to rear back and bite everyone's butt down the road. The 2% everyone's been enjoying, and spending in support of our lame economy, will have to be replaced. At some time. By some body.

From the beginning I said the "holiday" idea was just more "smoke and mirrors." More political BS.


  1. I left AARP 3 years ago. I am with AMAC now.

    1. I "joined" shortly after I got my "Congratulations on your 50th Birthday," invite. A few years later I realized I wasn't reading their magazine and the "discounts" I was getting were available with just about any kind of membership or credit card in my wallet. Bye bye AARP.


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