Saturday, October 20, 2012

For your listening pleasure

Wurlitzer juke box. Not online at this time.

Sometimes, while clicking around, I like to listen to music. I no longer have speakers hooked up to my system (seemed to be a problem for SWMHO). Now I've got a great headphone set that works quite nicely. I click. I listen. I bop. She's happy. That's called Win/Win.

I've got playlists on YouTube I put together, depending on my mood. Artist, genre, etc. I log in, pick a list, start it up, open a new browser tab and go about my searching and reading while the music plays on. Works great.

Today, a blogger friend wrote a post that included a link to an online radio station. I checked Pandora and was disappointed. I entered Janis Joplin. (The lady could flat out sing!) They have just one of her songs, Cry Baby. Since that happens to be one of my faves, I'll overlook their oversight. For now.

Online music stations are not new. Some are good and some are very good. If you'd like to look at a few, do a Google... free online music (enter the type of music you want here) radio. Enjoy!


  1. Ah, Pandora works differently from normal radio stations. You pick the artist and the station gives you singers like the artist. They do play songs from your favorite artist, but only every 5th song or so. . .

    1. I did notice the "sings/sounds like" notice, still, when I want Janis loaded (not a "substance" reference), I want everything they've got. Never mind the every 5th idea.

      However, I realize I tend to be somewhat picky at times, so I'll not condemn Pandora. They've got their way of doing things and I've got mine.

      And may those who(m) enjoy it continue to be happy. If it floats your boat, may you always have calm seas, Sailor.


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