Monday, October 15, 2012

Hillary Clinton -- Class Act, or just another Very Shrewd Politician?

Love her, hate her, say what you will about her (and believe me I've said tons about her), she either showed an awful lot of class by her willingness to accept responsibility for the actions (or inactions) of others in BenghaziGate, or... She has demonstrated, once again, the shrewdness of she and her (cough-cough) husband.

BO's folks have been running around telling everyone the "Ball's over there in the State Department's Court. Not ours!" (A variation of The Dog Ate My Homework.) I was sure the lady was P.O.'d to the max limit of the scale. Me, I'd have been all, "Take that finger you're pointing and stick some where!"

Does she truly have a sense of responsibility? Was she either not well-informed by her staff or did someone not correctly interpret information they had? Did she make a bad decision? Questions we'll probably never have the answers to. At least not until one of her books is published years from now.

Enter now my "Shrewd" theory. She's still considering running for Prez. If she chose not to fall on her sword, take the heat off BO, be the Good Democrat, that won't be forgotten inside the party. Ever. Future endorsements ($$$) are at risk. Future support by those whose support is absolutely essential to even getting near a nomination could be jeopardized.

It's one of those "only time will tell," things. And sometimes time is just too damned slow.


  1. I believe she does shoulder the responsibility, being head of state and all...but she serves at the whim and dictates of the president. She would follow his lead.

    1. BO appointed her for political gain. His. No way he can fire her. I don't see Hillary as much of a "follower." Sure, some times she's got no choice. If she was a sycophant, I don't think she'd be in the places she's been lately. She'd be involved in what, during some administrations, the press referred to almost nightly as Shuttle Diplomacy. High profile. Lots of coverage.


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