Thursday, October 18, 2012

I found something interesting in the e-mailbox today

I've been known to indulge in the occasional malt/barley/hops concoction and what's sometimes referred to as the Fruit of the Vine. But never, ever have I considered planning a trip of any distance to visit the origination point of either delight.

When we lived in Houston, we spent a family day at the Busch Gardens/Amusement Park (now closed). The kids were young enough that it wasn't un-cool. Exotic fowl, simians and other critters found in rain forests, along with the flora. Plus amusement rides. They seemed to enjoy it.

The Gardens were only open for about two years. Problems with animal health, low attendance and high operating costs did it in.

Another trip, another reason, I toured the adjacent brewery. Fascinating, informative and at the end of the tour... free beer! Yep, a tavern was on-premises and sampling was encouraged. Not much encouragement was required.

Since those trips involved about 40 miles round trip, it didn't require much planning. Or time. Today, though, it's been suggested I consider one of ten breweries or ten vineyard regions (complete with 39 suggested nearby wineries) for a visit.

Two of the breweries are in Missouri, so they might be considered. Some time. The others stretch from North Carolina to California. No thanks.

The vineyards are mostly, as you've guessed, in California. They do nominate one in Colorado (a possibility), one each in Washington (state) and Oregon, plus two in New York state. Again, no thanks.

However, if you, Dear Reader (I stole that from one of the Landers sisters), are interested, have at it. Enjoy! When you get back I'd appreciate a Trip Report (photos would be nice, but not required).

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