Saturday, October 20, 2012

Female Komodo Dragons overworked! An issue for feminists? (Might be best your wife not know this.)

Miz Komodo
Not what I'd call warm and cuddly, and not not found (normally) in this part of the world. A crack research team at the University of Melbourne, Australia, believes the female critters are being overworked and their life span is suffering.

"...female Komodo dragons live half as long as males on average, seemingly due to
their physically demanding 'housework' such as building huge nests and
guarding eggs for up to six months."

I have a question. Just exactly how does "doin' wimmins' work," those tasks assigned these critters by Mother Nature herself, become species-threatening?

"The Komodo dragon is the world’s largest lizard. Their formidable body size enables
them to serve as top predators killing water buffalo, deer and wild boar and
they have also been known to kill humans."

The story doesn't say, but based on my limited knowledge of how Mother Nature set things up, that paragraph sounds like the male Komodo's job (Me Tarzan, You Jane). It also sounds a tad more "physically demanding," not to mention life-threatening, than having kids and raising them. (You ever seen film/videos of water buffalo or wild boar when they're pissed off or feel threatened? Ever thought you could take one on, bare-handed?)

I don't want to see any of Mother Nature's species disappear. Sometimes though, I think that's just the Natural Order. The way things are meant to be. And not something I'm going to get overly concerned about.

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