Sunday, October 14, 2012

It always seems to get back to the $$$

In my never-humble-opinion, a lot of folks need a life. A life that isn't dependent on, or wrapped up in the comings and goings of a family in Georgia. (until I read this bit of news I did not know they were Georgians) A family that thinks they require a raise. As in, more money for exploiting their child.

The Boo
And it's all the fault of you Boo-Booers out there! You watch the damned show. Incessantly. The ratings go up. There's more bucks coming in to The Learning Channel's coffers. And HBB's family wants more for their contribution. (Has anyone heard if Rosie bought them a new house?)

A statement by a resident of HBB's home town, McIntyre... 
“I don’t mind it, it’s just that it doesn’t give a good image for the county since it is
a small county, and it’s a really family-oriented county, and we are basically,
you know, church-goers down here, and a lot of the things they do … 
we don’t agree with it,” Carolyn Snead explained.


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  1. That whole damn clan is the most disgusting people on earth...even more than the Obama's.


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