Sunday, October 14, 2012

Barbra (as she likes to be known) sings quite well. (eveybody knows that)

She's also been known to speak. Out. (everybody knows that) What I, for one did not know, is that she blogs! It seems the main purpose is pitching her songs, appearances, etc., but, if you look at the tabs across the top you'll notice tabs for "Statements, Articles of Interest" and "Truth Alerts." I learned all this when I went looking for comments she made at a recent performance. They were mentioned in a post I'd read, but no details about them were given. Once again, curiosity overtooketh me.

I thought the post that started all this was a well put compilation of a lot of folks' opinions about LaLaLand (Hollyweird in particular), it's inhabitants and their view of our country and the world. Views most of us consider to be a tad skewed. (not a typo)

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