Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another American Icon bites the dust

The Coca Cola Company has announced the 6.5 oz. glass bottle of the Nectar from Atlanta is discontinued. The last bottle has rolled off the lines. They held an auction at the bottling plant in Winona , Minnesota, for that bottle.

"This is the last one," LeRoy Telstad, vice-president and general manager, said Tuesday, holding the bottle high before handing it off to auctioneer Jon Kohner, who opened the bidding.

Five minutes and $2,000 later, Michael Faber, president of Viking Coca-Cola of St. Cloud, became the proud owner of what is doubtless the most expensive bottle of pop ever sold in Winona.

"I plan to retire on this one day," Faber said of his prize purchase."

For me, a lot of great memories are associated with this container of delight. Putting the nickel (yes, five cents) in the slot, listening to the internal workings of the machine and bang! as it hits the delivery opening. The bottle was always icy cold. The anticipation high. Then put the cap in the built-in opener on the dispenser, pop it off, listen to the little pssssst of carbonation as the cap was freed, move it to your lips and.... ahhhhhhh, "The Taste That Refreshes!"

The bottles were manufactured with the name of the city where it would first be used, cast into the bottom. A favorite game of chance was wagering a small sum (usually just a nickel) that your bottle would be a greater distance away than your opponents. It was required that a USA map was handy for any dispute settling. So, we weren't "gambling." We was lurnin' geography!


  1. I drove a rout truck and was a supervisor for the Atlanta Coca Cola Bottling Company for 15 years. And no coke ever has taste like the ice cold 6 1/2 ounce bottle. And that wooden crate brought back memories, too. Sad they are gone.


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