Thursday, October 11, 2012

The US Navy believes in planning for unforseen eventualities

Today's modern, sleek Navy leads the world in cutting edge, technologically designed and equipped machines of warfare. There is no other navy that can boast of better equipment. While much of it is costly, it is effective and protects us from our enemies.

Because personnel of the Navy are far-sighted they plan for unforseen eventualities. They know "Stuff Happens." They refuse to be victims of Murphy's Law. Their planning frequently involves unique solutions. Creativity is usually called for. And our Navy has that in spades.

For instance: Modern Navy ships today are guided by a very sophisticated and complicated computer system. It's very important for these marvels to be guided accurately and correctly. If the Captain requires his vessel to proceed in the port (what we civilians know as left) direction, he orders the Helmsman to input data which will cause the ship to turn left. When a change of direction to the right is called for, he orders the Helmsman to input data which will result in the ship turning to Starboard (right).

After intensive studies, experimentation and investigation, a fiendishly clever and simple solution was found. It was deemed to be cost-effective.


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    1. I had a good read amidships. Fox. Shacked it, baby! :)

  2. Snort! It's cool now that they have the small helm, but I do miss the clutch and stick. I spent some time on the bridge of the USS Kidd DDG 100 a while back and the workings of then and now is like Star Wars. It is a cool place.

    1. I've seen pictures of the Captain's work area on today's ships. They look like the flight deck of a sci-fi space ship.


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