Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is this an example of Do-it-yourselfing run amok? Or simply Technology marching forward?

In the USAF I came in contact with and had use for, copying machines. Not what you know today... these pieces of ancient history were called ditto machines and mimeographs. If you needed a large pile of copies, that request went to the offset printing office where they used presses much like many still in use today.

Much, much later in my civilian life, I went into the printing business. We had traditional printing presses and high-speed, high volume, multifunction Xerox and Kodak equipment. We also had slower, self-service machines. Along came computers and we began to get desktop printers (copiers). The technology advanced and the desktop models began to do more and more and more operations, combining many machines into one.

When I saw the description "3D Printer," I was extremely puzzled. How can a printer be 3D? Clicking around I found a video demonstrating the process. Oh, it's not a printer in the sense I know, it's a little piece of manufacturing equipment! It builds stuff! From some kind of plastic or exotic version of similar raw materials. Neat but, meh.

Since then I've noticed a lot of interest in folks building guns with the things. Guns? (hey, it's a Guy Thing) The obvious questions began to build. Of course I'm not the only inquiring mind/questioner. The latest news I found on the subject comes from The Telegraph, a London-based English newspaper. It seems the ante has been upped. Big time. Earlier stories I read were centered around small fire arms. If you're slightly interested or want an idea about questions and answers floating around the innernetz, click the link.

Tim (More Power) the Tool Man's project?

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