Sunday, October 7, 2012

I love Libraries

And we, fortunately, have an excellent one, The Seneca Free Library (as it's officially known). Their selection is outstanding and every week they add new titles. They offer a large assortment of DVD's and VCR tapes to check out. They've got current magazines you can sit and read. Home computer down? Use theirs. Want to do a little genealogical research? This is the place. And the Kids Section is about as big as any I can remember seeing anywhere.

On Thursdays you'll see Matt Diehl sitting at the microfiche reader, researching old newspapers for his "From Years Gone By" items.

I read a lot. Sometimes 3-4 books a week. My interests are what you call eclectic. I never fail to find at least four titles to checkout every time I'm there. And if I've heard about a title and can't find it? The nice staff goes online and tracks it down for me. The Kansas library system regularly moves books from library to library statewide. I may have to wait a couple of days for something to come in, but that's no big deal.

They hold a monthly Book Club at the Cornerstone Coffee Haus if you'd like to join a group to read and talk about books. I think they frequently talk about a lot more than books. Or, so I've heard.

I recently found a source for new titles and reviews. If you need a reading suggestion, try it.


  1. oooh what a lovely library!


    [Lib tech]

    1. Thank you, Pax. We're right proud of it.

      Since you are a Liberriun, you might be interested in another post about our house of knowledge I'm thinking about. Stay tuned.


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