Monday, October 8, 2012

Don't take your mints to school, son, don't take your mints to school

The Culprit

A 17 y.o. high school student in Pekin, Illinois was suspended because he and some friends were munching on something touted as "nature's energy mints." Like some "energy" drinks, they have a high dose of caffeine and other "energy" ingredients. The school allows the liquid versions on campus.

"School officials" suspected the mints were illegal drugs. Why the "school officials" didn't just take the kids and their mints to the Principal's office to investigate the mints I can't understand. I'd think a phone call or two, maybe even do a very quick online Google search where they would have found the site for the manufacturer of the things.

Instead, they chose to take what I think was a knee-jerk action. Now the kids and their parents have been put through an ordeal that was absolutely unnecessary.

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  1. You are assuming, of course, that gubment school teachers have common sense.


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