Friday, October 12, 2012

LaLaLand star makes (another) dumb career move

No so news? Well, the "star" is Beyonce. And her "career move" involves Clint Eastwood! Yes, Clint Eastwood! Not only a personal favorite of mine, he's an Icon! A Hero! Also, he's been getting a lot of favorable PR lately.

Miz B and Clint have been "bantering" about what Hollyweird terms as a Project. The Project would be another remake of the 1954 Judy Garland success, "A Star is Born." She's claiming "scheduling conflicts." (How about scheduling a new career?) Could the "conflict" have anything to do with her politics?

At the link you'll find an interview with The Man discussing his now famous "Empty Chair" bit at the RNC national convention. You may have heard about it. The bit, I mean.

Just Making himself a Good Day.

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