Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brit Hume: "Biden looked like 'cranky old man, to some extent, debating with a polite young man"

Care to guess which part of that quote caught my attention? (I have a high level of confidence you did.)

Brit Hume

I watched most of the debate. I was curious to see if Joey B. would open his mouth and proceed to step on his tongue. He disappointed me, in a nice way. My first impressions were echoed all over the innernetz and TV. Not that I needed validation. I found him to be arrogant, overbearing, overly aggressive, and not a man I like to think of as "one heartbeat from the Presidency."

His lack of manners and civility were both maddening and distracting. His body language, phony expressions and BS smiles were bad showmanship. I thought was that he was trying to mimic Regans's remark, "There you go again...", without audio.

Ryan was indeed polite. Almost to the point of being deferential. And I think he missed a great opportunity. Had it been me, when Joey pointed to the fact that Ryan's home state used stimulus money for projects and seemed to want to make that a bad thing, I'd have asked, "What were we supposed to do? You wanted the funds used, you made them available and we accepted. We actually helped your administration." And then ticked off how stimulative the money was. In Wisconsin. But then I'm not a debater.

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