Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rules to live by, Blue food and Mother Nature

Potential gold mine?

Growing up, one of life's Rules To Live By, was "No Blue Food." Well, Jell-O and M&M's changed that for a lot of kids and adults. (Not including me.) As much as I liked birthday cakes and ice cream, I'd scrape off the blue icing.

There was a series of  TV commercials for a brand of oleomargarine that came out with a pretty good rule, "Do Not Mess With Mother Nature."

Where the heck is this going?, you're probably asking yourself. Well, the point I'm pointing to is, an example of The Law Of Unintended Consequences has just just popped up  in France. Our amis and amies across the sea have a problem with a lot of bee hives. They're producing blue and green honey! And the French, being the food standard sticklers they are, won't let it be sold. It's edible, but it offends their sensibilities I guess. (complete details in the story link)

Now, back here in the USA, we'd take that stuff and figure out how to market the next surefire runaway best-selling thing our kids absolutely must have and can't live without. And you know absolutely that millions of parents would buy whatever it is. (I'm liking this idea more and more.)

Look at all the positives... The bee bidnezz gets a really big boost. New plants being built. New jobs being created. Cash registers ringing. Tax $$$ being generated. I say we do it! Go for the gold! USA! USA!

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