Monday, October 8, 2012

Now we may have Federal interference in Garage Sales!

Is there no end to this madness? We now have to worry about a Supreme Court decision determining what we can and can not sell in a garage sale? Give. Me. A. Break.

The Supremes

It revolves around our already convoluted copyright laws and a previous SCOTUS ruling. A publishing company, John Wiley & Sons, is suing a young Cornell University grad from Thailand who figured out a very lucrative bit of Free Enterprise while in school.

The ruling could mean the next time you sell, for example, old books, movies, video games, music (records, tapes, CD's), the holder of the copyright might come knocking on your door asking for a piece of the action. (I think Don Corleone called it a "taste.")

The case is scheduled for October 29. Decisions are announced in an average of 81 days. So you might want to think about putting together a sale sometime soon.

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