Monday, October 8, 2012

The Show Must Go On

Ditto the sales pitches on QVC. I just can't find even the tiniest bit of desire to sit and watch a cable channel devoted to just one thing. Never-ending sales pitches. That's why I record most of the programs I follow. I can use one of the greatest inventions ever. Fast Forward! (Note: If you record a football game, you can skip through enough commercial and "non-football playing" time to see what you tuned in for -- less than 15 minutes of action. Replays not included.)

A young lady and her co-host were pitching "...the FunTab Pro, an Android tablet for kids..." and she apparently fainted. Being the pro that I guess he is, the co-host continued pitching. The camera guys and director, also pros, cut to a printed piece.

The beginning of her tumble.
She's reported to be up and about today. She suffers from a low blood sugar condition and is prone to fainting spells. Oh, yeah, just the kind of on-air personality I know I'd hire.

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