Sunday, October 7, 2012

Running amok in the land of Touchy-Feely

I tried Facebook. I gave it up. I got tired of game updates, news flashes about where someone was eating, drinking, shopping; what they were shopping for, buying, or had just received via UPS or Fedex; where their pet had pooped or peed; etc., etc., etc. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I'm just reporting my (bad) experience.

I do feel sorry for all the money a lot of folks lost when they invested in Facebook. I do hope the faithful/loyal Facebookers figure out a way to keep the thing alive and profitable so the share value goes up and investments are salvaged.

This though, to me, is an example of a really dumb idea and I question it's future. Feeling blue? Wondering if anyone "likes" you? Want to get a long-distance hug? Well, take a big old sigh of relief. A young lady scientist from MIT has invented something to alleviate your angst. And probably separate you from a bunch of your bucks. (I can't find the price tag.)

If you'd care to learn more, there's a video on the linked page.

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