Friday, October 12, 2012

Whilst going about your usual business today, don't be concerned about that tractor-trailer-sized meteor in Earth's neighborhood

Got your attention, huh? Sure got mine. It should be available for naked eyeballing tonight. If the sky's clear. (Based on current conditions and the latest forecast, I think that leaves me out.)

Keeping track of things.
The thing is described as "small." Lord luv a duck! How big is "Big!" The NASA Asteroid Watch folks are watching 2012 TC4 (everything in space is numbered or named) closely and tell us "Do Not Worry." I like NASA. I trust NASA.

"...will safely pass Earth Oct 12 at just .25 the distance to our moon's orbit," scientists with NASA's Asteroid Watch program wrote in a Twitter update this week. On average, the moon's orbit is about 238,000 miles."

"The asteroid is large enough to be seen by backyard astronomers using a small telescope, the night sky events website has reported."

The nice folks have a neat video they made a few days ago, of the little boogger boogety-boogetyin' along. (Note: You may have to sit through a short commercial. Sorry. Worth the wait though.)

If you're interested in keeping up with meteor and meteorite news, I highly recommend this website for enlightenment. You'll also find "Earthquake News, Fireballs, Bolides, Comets, Asteroid Impact, Meteorite Quest, Recent Meteorite Falls & Related News."

And, since you're evidently still with me (How do I know? You're reading, aren't you? duh) As I was clicking around, gathering information for you (just part of the service), I ran across a couple of geeky, spacey sites. I'm not offering descriptions. If you like this stuff you'll click and learn.

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  1. Just hope the Myan's were wrong and the earths gravitational pull doesn't pull into us. Just saying as a run to find a deap cave somewhere.


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