Friday, October 5, 2012

Another one of my "Rules To Live By" goes down the tubes

You just might have this one in your own Set of Rules, too. (You do have a Set of Rules, don't you?)


  1. I claim bullshit on the rule anyway. I have had worse things in my mouth and did not get sick. Pick it up, wipe it on your shirtsleeve and jam it back in the kids mouth. Co-pay is only $25.

  2. Wow. You are one tuff daddy! (I did laugh at the mental images)

  3. My kids would have starved if I read the New York Times.

    1. Welcome ND! Mine, I don't think would have starved, but their nutritional intake would have certainly been diminished. And I think they frequently had to wrestle whatever they dropped away from the dogs. Man, you ever noticed how those little critters (the dogs) can pounce on dropped goodies?


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