Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everybody knows

Soon after moving to Seneca, I began having trouble with a few things. Like going to the Post Office to buy stamps and finding everyone at lunch. (never had that happen before) Same with a few other businesses in town. Tried to call The Mission... no phone listed in the phone book. Tried to call the Pony Express Museum... same thing.

The list goes on, but I think you know what I'm talking about. I began thinking of my problem as the “Everybody Knows Syndrome.” It's a common affliction suffered by newcomers. I once thought about publishing a little booklet for newcomers, titled “Everybody Knows... except You because you're not from around here and didn't grow up learning these things.” I think it would have been a best seller.

My problem was market identification. I identified that there aren't enough folks moving into our area. Well, to be honest, I also just never got around to it. If you like the idea, take it and run. It really doesn't have to be a booklet. Probably just a single-spaced, typed page. But it would be a full page.

Along with that idea was my idea (also not pursued) for the “NFAH Club.” As in Not From Around Here. New folks would get together occasionally and discuss things they'd had problems with “around here,” things they'd learned “around here,” you know, sharing experiences. Like a support group.

So, if you're talking to someone "new to these parts," cut 'em a little slack... don't forget "Everybody Don't Know."

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