Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kirk to Scotty -- Full Warp Speed Ahead

If you understand scientific terms like: Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster and ring of exotic matter or have an interest in sci-fi, you might enjoy this. NASA (I thought "somebody" killed this agency) is actually working on a space ship drive capable of Warp 10! (That would out-drag a Chevy)

But, getting your space ship moving at 10 times the speed of light seems to be a tad dangerous. There just might be the possibility of an explosion that "...would explode with a force of some 17,000 megatons, equivalent to several global nuclear wars all in one..." Yeah, sounds like something that could really mess up your day.

Meanwhile, back here in my little piece of the world, I'll stick to movies, TV shows and books for my space travel.


  1. Obama won't let it happen unless the Muslims are part of the scientific team. Rightly so since that have given us so much since 1,2,3...

  2. Welcome Coffeepot! I was encouraged to learn the folks at NASA are still doing their scientific stuff, even though space travel is off the table for a while. Who knows, maybe the winds will "change," we'll get our economy back on track and we'll no longer need to rent other countries' equipment when we want to return to the Final Frontier.

  3. But Cap'n we canna change the laws of physics! :D

    Welcome to the blog-a-sphere :)


  4. Damn the physics, man, we need more deuturium crystals!


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