Friday, October 5, 2012

But what'll it do the quarter mile in?

The Bloodhound SSC

The engine specs:
"The Falcon Hybrid Rocket - a 45cm (18in) diameter by 3.6m (12ft) long unit burning hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene solid fuel and high-test peroxide (HTP) oxidiser - roared to life for 10 seconds, producing 60kN (14,000lbf) of thrust.

The ultimate planned power output of the motor is 111kN (25,000lbf) during a 20-second burn, peaking at 122kN (27,500lbf). This output, when combined with the thrust from the Bloodhound's Rolls Royce EJ200 jet engine, should ultimately propel the car to 1,000mph (1,600kph)."

I don't understand it, but it does sound impressive.


  1. For somebody else. I couldn't afford the gas (or what ever fuel it takes) or the insurance. I'll stick with my F150.

  2. Neat, a rocket and a RR jet engine. The rocket is a long tube with solid-fuel and the RR engine is for jets!


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