Thursday, October 4, 2012

Computer Maps

I've been a big fan of Google maps since they were first developed. The quality and accuracy keeps getting better. And more accurate. You still get the occasional mis-direction, but nothing's perfect.

I've been sending them correction notices about places they've noted on local maps for almost 7 years now. They've updated most of them, but some are still wrong.

When I moved to Seneca I was disappointed that the satellite view of our part of the world wasn't so hot. It's gotten better, but it's still fuzzy when you zoom in. The street views are getting better. A couple of folks have told me about seeing what they thought was the Google camera car traveling through town.

Today I learned Nokia has entered the mapping bidnezz. Naturally, I searched for Seneca. Damn! It's a better map and the satellite view gets waaaay better when you click on "custom map." That feature isn't available yet for us, but try it and take a look at the view.

Here's a screenshot of the map. It spills over the column I know, but I wanted you to see the detail it has. When you're using their map and zoom in, more street names become legible. To the East, notice they've named the river correctly.

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