Thursday, October 4, 2012

psssst! Hey, wanna buy a rocket?

NASA may have one for sale one for sale. Maybe as a fundraiser for their next project?

Buyer Beware:  It's been sitting "Beneath a large metal shed, a 150-foot deep silo housed the largest solid-fuel rocket motor ever built. The rocket was tested three times between 1965 and 1967."

I doubt they've been doing much maintenance on it, so it'll be a fixer-upper. I think we've got enough gear heads around here to put together a neat community project. Think of the possibilities.
We could get it ready to launch, painted up with some cool paint work, and hold one helluva PR event. I think folks would come from hundreds of miles to watch. You just know all the TV networks would send broadcasting crews and on-air personalities to cover the launch.

I'm thinking we could also get a lot of mileage from a pre-launch contest for suggested targets. I've got a few ideas already.


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