Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Love Dogs

And stories about stories about military dogs or dogs and military personnel. I don't like to hear about brave dogs being KIA or WIA, any more than those of living souls. These are, sadly, the reality of war.

This is from the story about Layka...
"A Belgian Malinois became the first military working dog honored by the 341st Training Squadron for her heroic actions while assigned to a U.S. Special Forces unit in Afghanistan.

Layka, an almost 3-year-old female, was recognized Sept. 12 at Joint Base San Antonio - Lackland, Texas, for saving several Coalition Forces team members during a June 4 special operations mission." 

This is the only picture I could find of the ceremony. Wish it didn't look like she's in pain and wearing the muzzle. I doubt, though, that she's bogged down with vanity.


  1. He's smiling and giving the 'ah shucks' look.

  2. Man, I'd love to take him for a run. . .

  3. Dogs are indeed man’s best friend! Layka’s story inspires me to love my dog more. It’s good to hear that Layka will be reunited with her handler and be adopted. A dog like her deserves a family that will love and take good care of her. I hope Layka’s recovering well now in her handler’s home.

    Alejandro Newman


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