Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Magical Kingdom of YouTube

The YouTube phenomenon has been praised and condemned. It's got a lot of crap, yes, but I've spent more hours than I like to admit on that site. Most of them enjoyable.

What are you looking for? Humor, politics, Super Bowl commercials, music videos, controversy? It's probably there.

While I was with the Chamber of Commerce I posted any and everything I could find about Seneca. Type “Seneca Kansas” in the search box. You'll find not just my postings, but videos taken by local folks, visitors, and commercials for some of our local businesses.

Want to re-live the Main St. restoration? Watch a parade? Visit some of our local points of interest? How about the annual Car Show? They're all there.

Type in “US Air Force or Navy or Marines,” etc. and you'll find a lot official and very un-official clips. I especially like those posted by our troops. During their breaks from being shot at, troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq have created some really funny and creative stuff.

And if it's new and hot, like “Gangnam,” somebody's done a video.

Need instructions about building, repairing or installing something? Check YouTube. Somebody's very likely put together a video.


  1. I like the navy videos, music videos, and (usually) the goofy animal videos. Although nothing with ostriches, they scare me. . .

  2. LOL! Welcome aboard, NavyOne. Sorry I'm not set up to pipe you aboard. I'll check to see if I can add a widget for that.

    I've noted your preferences and will add them to my list. I don't care much for ostriches either. That is one strange bird.


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