Saturday, October 6, 2012

He's baaaaa-aack

John Daly, love him or hate him, is one wild and crazy guy. Those of us who love him have gone through all his ups and downs. Man, I think if you made a chart of his highs and lows it would show more spikes and nosedives than the Dow Jones.

This week he's on a roll. And, once again, he's got a shot at finishing high enough to get his tour card back. Yesterday he posted his lowest round in 5 years - 8 under, 63.

That swing isn't text book, but it works for him. (Reminds me of my swing, back in the day. Pictures available upon request.)

BTW, for you sports nutz, that link up there is to a sports site I'd recommend for any and all sports. For golfers, try this one.

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  1. Never played golf, but am decent with putt putt.


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