Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A pointed follow-up. Or a follow-up with a point?

USMC Current Issue Bayonet Knife

Whatever. America's Sergeant Major, (a blog I follow) sent me this suggestion as an idea for another post about a comment made during last night's debate. He (the Sergeant Major) being a US Marine with extensive knowledge (and experience) in the fine art of Bayonet Usage, is someone whose suggestion I will follow have followed.

The story, titled "The Need for Bayonet Training in the 21st Century," gives insight as to why the weapon is in use today (despite rumors or "mis-speaks), why the weapon is important (more than what you first thought), and the training involved in its proper use. 

"In today’s technology-driven battlefield there is a misconception on the value of
bayonet training. The main focus of bayonet training is not to prepare Marines to
'go over the top' in a massed bayonet charge as in World War I or the Civil War.

Bayonet training is a physical means of developing and reinforcing a combat mindset.
There are several factors in developing a combat mindset, some of which are hard
physical training and mental training. The bayonet provides a physical vehicle for
developing these as well as providing Marines with additional time handling weapons
and moving with weapons."

The story also speaks to the subject of how even the simplest of weapons can be used in an involved, well-thought-out process... Training our military to be the finest fighting force in the world. Physically and mentally equipped to a degree that surpasses any of our country's enemies. Learning how to best protect we civilians and, equally important, themselves.

Thanks, Sergeant Major! Semper Fidelis.

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  1. But we have boats that go under the water and carries are big boats. He is truly a CIC (not Cancer In the Crotch).


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