Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mad Vlad strikes again

Have gun. Will use it.

The Russian KGB thug has some thoughts on Treason (in Russia). He thinks it should involve his version of what we call "Freedom of Expression." Evidently he decided he needed to score a Trifecta, so he's reaching into the area we call "Free Enterprise." Damn he's good.

He hooked up with Boris Yeltsin in '91 and he's been climbing up the ladder of success as only a KGB guy can. In '99 he took the reins and he's hasn't given them up yet. Doesn't matter that for a while he wasn't "officially" the President, he was in place to do what he needed/wanted as he saw fit and give the orders to the guy "officially" in charge. Until he (Vlad) could become "official" again.

Russia's parliament on Tuesday voted to expand the country's definition of high treason
in a move that critics said meant any Russian citizen who had contacts with a foreigner
could be accused of trying to undermine the state.

The proposed changes - that still need to be approved by the upper house of parliament
and President Vladimir Putin before they become law - redefine high treason to include
"granting financial, technical, consulting or other help" to those seeking to damage Russia's
security, including its "constitutional system, sovereignty, territorial and state integrity."

Now that he's Президент (President) again, he's decided he doesn't want any more anti-Putin demonstrations or folks just exhibiting dissension about anything. (Can't have the rabble all roused up, now can we? It's just so distracting.)

During his rise, he's managed to pile up a warehouse or two in personal funds. (I'm not sure of his preferred currency, but my money is on anything except rubles.) Since his KGB tactics don't work as well outside of his Kingdom, the bundles of bucks are probably buying whatever influence and/or results he wants. Where ever he wants.

He's a nasty piece of work. He should be considered Armed and Dangerous. The Russian people have shown they can take control of their country. I think they should do it again. ASAP.

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