Thursday, October 25, 2012

Golf has Birdies, Eagles, Albatrosses and now, Sharks! (not the Greg Norman variety)

Leopard Shark. In its usual surroundings.

"... a 2-foot-long, live leopard shark apparently plummeted from the sky and landed
very close to the 12th tee box at the San Juan Capistrano, Calif., course."

And the thing appears to have gained access to the San Juan Hills Golf Club course the same way those fowl do... it flew! (no mention made of Swallows)

Or maybe the thing was flown in...

"The shark, which reportedly had two bleeding wounds near its dorsal fin, is thought to
have been dropped over the golf course by a predatory bird, though no one is known
to have actually seen the shark fall."

Talk about "hitting the links." Bam! or Plop. What's a 2-foot shark sound like when it hits a lush, country club tee box from whatever altitude?

This Fish Tale has a happy ending.

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