Sunday, October 21, 2012

The #1 reson Dads most like about having Sons

As Joey B might say, "It's a three letter word"...... T.O.Y.S.

Having a son is the coolest thing. You get to buy all the stuff you never had when you were a kid. You get to buy stuff you never even dreamed of when you were a kid. And his Mom (your Bride) can't complain! "What, you think we should deprive him of this? What kind of parent are you? Think about all the trauma! Jeeze." Man, you talk about Win/Win! This is game-set-match!

Radio controlled stuff -- cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, boats, you name it, they got it -- is right up there at the top of the "Things Dad Must Get For Son" list. Some times the old "Some Assembly Required" slows up your his pleasure. Think of it as Delayed Gratification. It's always worth the delay. And frustration.

Then, he reaches Adulthood (whatever that means) and he carries forward those Dad/Son bonding experiences (I once read that some where) into the realm of "Making a Living." He makes movies, gets hooked up with a video game producer and makes a lot of $$$. All because of you, Dad. You set him on his career path. And got a lot of kicks in the process! (I wonder what he'll send me for Fathers' Day. Hope it's not another crummy tie.)

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