Monday, October 22, 2012

We've got some US Navy, hi-tech, science, invention of the year, awards, humor and GANGNAM!

How's that for a double trifecta + 1!

"Meet CHARLI-2, Virginia Tech’s skinny, five-foot tall humanoid robot. His balance
is enviable: Jostle him, and he’ll right himself — which is one of the reasons the Navy
is using him for research on its firefighting robot of the future.

You have to see it to believe it and you have to click on the story to watch. I'm having problems including pictures and/or videos with my posts. The pic I want to use right now, may or may not show up. Command Central for Google blogs (of which this is one) won't answer my Mayday! calls and I can't figure out the problem.


  1. He dances like I do, only with better rhythm.

    1. May have something to do with his lubricating system.


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