Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donald, Donald, Donald. You've disappointed me.

The Donald. The angry pose.

Your "October Surprise" is soooo lame! I've been waiting, anxiously, for days. Thinking/hoping you'd actually dug up some dirt or ghastly fact about the Prez and what do you do? You announce an offer to write a check to charity if The Prez will do something you absolutely know he absolutely will not do. Ever.

And come on Donald, $5,000,000 (million)! Your net worth hovers at where in the stratosphere? $3,000,000,000 (billlion)? Good grief, man, that's Chump Change to you! (even less after allowable tax deductions)

What was this? One of your PR ploys? You looking to announce some new TV show or building soon and just thought you'd get a little pre-announcement face time on TV? Keep your name out there? Jeeze, Louise. This truly saddening.

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