Sunday, October 21, 2012

Looking for a new home?

Think prices for a lot are "too damned high?" (thank you Jimmy McMillan) Well, take a look at one of the greatest Economic Development ideas I've seen in a long time. (Take note, small communities.)

Ok, the weather might not be what you consider ideal and it's not nearby (about a 12 hr. drive North of Seneca to Winnipeg, Canada, the 4 hrs. West), but hell, $10 for a lot! You'll need $1,000 down, you can't use it as a vacation home, construction must begin within a year and you can't use it for speculation. They want you to live up there. The area (comprised of four communities) needs folks. They want to grow.

And, if you'd like to open a business...

"...commercial properties for sale albeit with a more expensive price tag of between
$16,000 and $20,000. But she added that grants of up to $32,000 are available for those
who buy commercial property and either build a business or purchase an existing business."

Take a look-see. I did. Seems like a nice place to live. Or consider. Or just visit.

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