Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Usually I ignore Jenny McCarthy

I exercised considerable restraint in choosing this.

However, I was lured/enticed/tricked into reading this while following the X-class flare post. Hell, it was on the Discover Magazine site! Not somewhere a person would go looking for Bimbo News. Talk about Bait and Switch, jeeze.

The headline (bait): Jenny McCarthy Infects Chicago. An attention grabber, right? Maybe she's got some exotic disease and she's spreading it city-wide?

The story (switch, which only lead to more bait):

"Splash, a style magazine in Chicago, is reporting that they’ve
hired Jenny McCarthy to be their new daily blogger.

But it gets better. And by better, I mean worse."

Yes, you read that right. It's about Jenny Baby's new blog. But look closely... More bait!

And more...  

"Besides a daily blog, she’s being given a weekly advice column called
'Ask Jenny", where, among other things, she will "tackle parenting'.

Tackle, indeed. Body slam is more like it."

Ok, I confess. My curiosity was now on fullt-tilt amokness. I clicked. And clicked.

If you'll read the original click (re: para 1) you'll find a plethora of Jenny-sniping and honest information.

Now, on to "Ask Jenny" (Who could possibly be asking What, I pondered.), where I found my curiosity sated. And my suspicions confirmed. (always a nice thing)

Q: How can I feel more confident when I’m naked?
— Alexandra B. from Naperville

How in the heck can anyone stay interested in
having sex with the same person for years?

Q: What’s your secret to looking good in pictures?

A couple of topic titles...

Are We Listening? (it's about self-help books)

Mommyhood and PMS: Uh-oh Tinkie Winkie 

Her column is new, so the offerings, for now, are limited. If you'd like to help her succeed in this endeavor by asking a question...
"Send Jenny questions at!"


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