Friday, October 26, 2012

Message in a Bottle

A boy and his bottle message
No, not the the movie or the song. But a real-life tale of a 9-year old boy finding a real-life bottle with a real-life message.

The youngster was walking on the beach near his home in Ireland and found a 2-liter bottle with a message inside.

The message in a bottle had been pitched into the water in 2004 by two
Canadian girls on vacation along the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec.
It had taken eight years to travel some 2,500 miles before washing ashore
near the tiny village of Passage East in County Waterford, Ireland.”

The e-mail address in the message no longer worked, but as word of the bottle got out, the two girls heard their bottle had been found...

Tuesday night, Oisin sat down to chat with them in a much
more modern way—online, via Skype.

"Bonjour!" he said cheerily, before showing them their old note
and the crushed, green plastic bottle he found it in. The young
women leaned in close to their computer to get a better look.

The story links to another, about a 98-year old message in a bottle being setting the world record, but the link doesn't work. This one does.


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