Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I think I need a new score card

I can not keep up with just who the hell our "friends" are. Nation-wise, that is. One day Nation X is in the "friend" column. The next, they're not. One day Nation Y is our friend. The next, they're not. Keep rinsing and repeating.

The latest "friend" showing signs of movement, is Qatar. We do business with Qatar. A lot of business. One of our largest bases in the Middle East is in Qatar. They've assisted in our operations in the Middle East. Just a bunch of good ole boys. We thought. Now they've put all the cards back on the table. And they're not all face up.

Their emir visited Gaza today.

"The Emir of Qatar embraced the Hamas leadership of Gaza on Tuesday
with an official visit breaking the isolation of the militant Palestinian Islamist
movement, to the dismay of Israel and rival, Western-backed
Palestinian leaders in the West Bank."

Hamas, in case you've somehow forgotten, is a terrorist organization. They are a very nasty group of individuals. Ismail Haniyeh is the "leadership" of Gaza, referred to back there.

"Today we declare victory against the blockade through this historic visit," he said.
"We say thank you, Emir, thank you Qatar for this noble Arab stance ... 
Hail to the blood of martyrs which brought us to this moment."

And you thought Foreign Policy was easy.

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