Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Only in America

Not a Happy Camper

Prices of food, gas, clothing, medicine, utilities and a long list of other "things" we usually consider to be necessities continue to rise, but somehow...

"Consumers will spend an estimated $370 million dressing their dogs and cats
for ghoulish festivities this year, according to the National Retail Federation."

It's estimated that "...170 million Americans will spend nearly $80 each this year on decorations, ghoulish get-ups and candy..."

My mind is agog. First, your pet does not enjoy those get-ups you think are "oh-so-cutesy" or "simply to die for." I know you folks buying them take pictures. Hell, you put 'em up on the internet for the whole planet to ogle. Take a good look at them. Are those the faces of a critter enjoying its humiliation? Are those not looks of sadness (for themselves and you, and incomprehension as to why the hell you did this to them?

Please just stop! Take that money and donate it to your local animal shelter. Donate it in the name of your pet. Your pet will appreciate it. I'll appreciate. Millions of folks using the internet will appreciate it.

Ok, spend a few bucks on a couple of treats. They'll appreciate that even more.

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