Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Surprises, Nasty Divorces (is there any other kind?) and "Hell Hath no Fury"

A, what else, Press Conference
Mention that Lady Bottom Feeder Lawyer Gloria (I hate men) Allred and I usually go right into "not-paying-attention mode." The headline of a story I read a couple of days ago caught my attention and caused me to read it. Allred was filing an action to unseal court records involving a case Mitt Romney had testified in. Since her action was datelined October, the author called it her "October Surprise." As in, Trouble for Romney.

Ok, I read. And concluded Miz Allred had found some pathetic, bitter, grudge-holding divorcee (Maureen Sullivan) still seeking revenge on her ex and willing to be party to one of Allred's scams legal causes. Her causes always seem to involve women who don't care that Allred's only interest is TV face time, the accompanying ballyhoo the media willingly gives her and the increase in the fees that her notoriety allows her to charge.

Tonight, courtesy of I've learned Miz A. has The Boston Globe newspaper and the Chicago Political Thugs Political Machine involved.

Mitt Romney testified for the husband, a friend, in the divorce case. Divorce granted. A lot of money in play. Lady got a bunch. For some reason the court records were sealed. Should be end of story. Not so.

"Even though a gag order makes it illegal for Ms. Sullivan to publicly discuss her case,
apparently this hasn’t stopped her online. Though more than a decade has passed,
Sullivan's used social media for years to lash out at her ex-husband, and especially
Romney, using details of the proceedings that you would think fall under the gag order."

The author, John Nolte, evidently spent a lot of time dissecting everything surrounding the "case." Kind of like a Myth Busters piece.

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