Monday, October 22, 2012

I find 'em. You read 'em. Or not.

You've heard about all the union leaders and their access to the White House. Now this... A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House and those radicals are Islamists!

 Rules? What rules? We don't need no steenking rules! Your tax $$$ and financing political events

Surprise, Surprise... Obama spokeswoman: Big Bird, binders ‘important’ in this election

And what were the school chirrun doing in the meantime?... Minnesota teachers take two days to play with dolls and study Islam

From our "friends" at the UN... Romney win would mean a democratic mandate for torture

Did The Prez mis-spoke? Again?... Putting Obama's "Mammogram Lie" to the Test

A drone was over the Benghazi Consulate during the attack? We may have had special troops only an hour away?... How to Abandon Our Bravest Citizens in a War Zone

It's those black rocks we have trainload after trainload of, moving across the US every day... In the War on Coal -- It's Grundy vs. Obama

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