Friday, October 26, 2012

The criminal mind strikes again

A weapon of choice
The headline, Jailers worry about dental floss as a weapon got my attention. Not that I'm concerned about/particularly interested in the subject, it just made me think of Dillinger's bar of soap trick and I got curious.

When a group of New York prisoners sued last month to demand access
to dental floss, officials said they had to consider "security issues." As it turns out, jail — 
and jailbreak — history is tightly tangled with the stringy decay fighter.”

There's that “mind” at work... 1) Use the prison library to learn law. 2) Use the law to get what you need for an escape, sewing up wounds, choking a fellow incarceratee, whatever. Pure genious.

Lead plaintiff Santiago Gomez said the jail was "violating inmates' federally protected
civil rights by not allowing inmates access to dental floss, while acknowledging
that it will result in cavities if you fail to floss your teeth."

Oh, yeah. I remember that particular “federally protected civil right.” I don't remember the federally assigned number, but I think the federally assigned title was “Assisting the Incarcerated,” and dental floss was enumerated. I remember that part. In particular.

The other uses for this everyday item, in the jail house, are unbelievably creative.

Once again, one thing leads to another...


Top 10 Most Incredible Prison Escapes (from some really tough places to get out of)

Like they say, what could these guys accomplish if they put their creativity to work in a legal way?

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