Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mr. Cool-in-Chief does an interview with another hard-hitting news publication

Rolling Stone. Not known to be in favor of Romney. To say the least. Oh, maybe that's why he agreed to the interview. Or maybe he was in a mood to reminisce about his "shroom" days. With folks who can relate.

The issue hits the newsstands tomorrow, if you're interested. The interview includes Mr. CIC's observations about Wall Street and the Fat Cats, and how the stock market system is just wrong. Or something.

Fat Cat
He then proceeds to deliver the campaign rhetoric we've all heard/read before. Not one single word isn't a repeat.

The story ends with this...

With Halloween approaching, Brinkley, in a lighter moment,
asked what he would like Romney to wear as a costume.

Lighter moment? The whole damned thing was light! As in Wimpy. Puffy.
“I don’t know about this Halloween,” Obama replied. “Next Halloween
I hope he’ll be an ex-presidential candidate.”

I do too, Mr. CIC. That would mean he'll be President, as in ex-candidate, and you'll be the Former President. As in no longer in office!

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