Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is this a result of the Qatar "outreach" ?

This morning I wrote about the Emir of Qatar visiting Gaza. The story I linked to described the cheering, welcoming throngs and how the Hamas folks seemed to be taking his visit as some sort of approval/blessing of their terrorist attacks against Israel. When I first read the story I was cringing.

Since writing my post...

"Earlier Tuesday, Palestinian terrorists detonated an explosive on the
Gaza-Israel border, seriously injuring an IDF* company commander."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned that Israel’s response
to the bomb attack would be “very hard.”

Later, rockets and mortars were launched from Gaza into Israel. PM Netanyahu responded.

"The IAF** struck rocket-launching cells in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday evening
after a volley of rockets and mortar shells fell in the Eshkol region earlier. Hamas said
that three of its operatives were killed in the strikes, and another three were injured.

The IDF Spokesman’s Unit said the terrorist cells were about to fire projectiles
into southern Israel, but were accurately struck."

"The air strikes come after seven rockets and mortars bombarded the Eshkol Regional
council Tuesday evening, sending local residents fleeing for cover."

* Israeli Defense Force
** Israeli Air Force

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