Tuesday, October 23, 2012

China's reaction to last night's debate

The Xinhua News Agency, official press agency of China, has interesting observations and opinions about our Presidential Election and the candidates' views.

"In the last of three rounds of U.S. presidential debate, both candidates framed China
as a partner for the first time, offering a speck of belated comfort as the country had
been portrayed as a monetary cheat and a job thief in their previous face-offs."

"A few relieving words, however, are quickly overshadowed by traditional campaign tricks
of scapegoating and ill-grounded hypotheses. The U.S. president-in-waiting, no matter
who is elected, lacks deep understanding of how partners should treat each other."

Just exactly how should trading partners treat each other? Currency manipulation, trademark/copyright law violations and various other unfair trade practices seem to be of no concern on that side of the water, so maybe they think we should be engaging the same? Is tit-for-tat part of our deep understanding deficiency?

"Both candidates vowed to 'make China feel pressured to play by rules.'
But they should know that rules have never been built upon pressure,
but candid talks and concessions taking mutual benefits into account."

Haven't we been working at having candid talks with these folks? What concessions have we not made?

Dealing with Communists has never been America's forte'. We always have this problem with our concern for our Constitution and our understanding of Free Enterprise. Communists don't.

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